Terms & Conditions

Product Availability:

Please be aware that all products listed are contingent on their availability in our stock. We will make every effort to fulfill your order, but in the event that a product is unavailable, we will offer a suitable replacement or provide a refund.

Product Color Variations:

It’s important to note that the color of the product may vary during delivery due to stock availability. Our goal is to provide a product that closely matches your preference.

Freebies Selection:

You have the option to select your complimentary items based on the package limits. We include these freebies with specific packages, and their availability may vary.

Limited Stock:

Some products have limited quantities, and we retain the right to restrict purchases based on stock availability.

Replacement Option:

If we are unable to fulfill your order due to stock constraints, you can choose a replacement from the updated list of available items.

Freebies Availability:

Please note that these complimentary items are not available for separate purchase; they are offered exclusively with our interior packages.

By placing an order, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation, which help ensure a seamless shopping experience.
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