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From your thighs to your glutes, arms and abs, strengthen your muscles through a wide range of exercises with the help of these resistance bands.




Accessories for all sorts of full-body exercises, either standing or lying down!

compact design

Compact Design

Light, and easy to store and carry. In fact, you can take them anywhere.



3 resistance bands offering 3 resistance levels to keep up with your progress!

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WHICH BAND SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? Our resistance bands are perfect for newcomers to strength training. They come in a pack of 3 bands – one with light resistance (5 kg), one with medium resistance (6 kg), and the third with high resistance (7 kg) – so you can switch between them based on your fitness level and which body parts you’re training. Discover a gentle way of building your strength!
I DON’T KNOW WHICH EXERCISES TO DO. HAVE YOU GOT ANY TIPS? We’re full of ideas! Just copy and paste this link into your browser:$954c41bcaeae98b214ed028efda79ed1/fiche%20miniband%20a4.pdf It’s a free poster that you can download onto your smartphone and easily print out. It has been developed in collaboration with qualified coaches and contains a dozen or so exercises that you can do with your resistance bands.
WHY USE A RESISTANCE BAND? Building resistance band exercises into your workout helps you train your strength while protecting your joints from heavy loads. You’ll also notice that the resistance increases throughout the exercise: the more you pull, the harder it becomes. You can also vary the intensity of your exercises by changing the size of your movements. In short, our resistance bands give you all sorts of different exercise options!
OUR TEAM’S TOP TIP For even more resistance during your exercises, try holding multiple resistance bands at the same time!
IN CASE YOU’RE INTERESTED, HERE ARE THE DIMENSIONS: 1/ Length: 2 x 25 cm – Width 4 cm – Thickness: 0.7 mm 2/ Length: 2 x 25 cm – Width 4 cm – Thickness: 0.9 mm 3/ Length 2 x 25 cm – Width 4 cm – Thickness 1.1 mm
Country of origin Malaysia
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