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  • ✔️BREAK FREE DETACHABLE LOCK – Now, never worry about lock/clip breakage as you can simply remove and re-attach the locks.
  • ✔️I AM FOODSAFE 100% BOROSILICATE GLASS CONTAINER – I am FDA certified & BPA free, as I never release any chemicals in your food. I am odor-free, stain-free, scratch-resistant.
  • ✔️I AM MICROWAVE SAFE GLASS CONTAINER- Enjoy your hot food by placing me in a microwave. Don’t worry, like other containers, I will not release any toxic chemicals whatsoever into your food.
  • ✔️I AM 450°C OVEN MICROWAVE SAFE GLASS CONTAINER BAKEWARE – Bake your favorite dish from Pasta to Lasagne and surprise your loved ones with food more delicious than a restaurant.
  • ✔️I AM LEAKPROOF GLASS CONTAINER- Like some other containers, I don’t leak juices and gravies, ever. You Can Store Masala, Spices, ceramics, Spice, Pickle also The Remaining Food in these and Containers and these Containers are -20 Degrees Freezer Safe, So Put these containers inside Fridge with Food.
  • ✔️I AM AIRTIGHT GLASS CONTAINER- I protect your food from everything, making it taste like it has just been prepared by being 100 % Airtight.
  • ✔️I AM MULTI PURPOSE- You can use me as Glass Food Storage Containers, Fridge Storage Containers,Oven Bakeware, Microwave Safe Containers for Heating, freezer Storage purposes. You can store fruits and vegetables,leftover food, bake your favourite dishes like Pasta, Lasagne, Brownie, Pie and cook in microwave oven.
  • ✔️HAND REMOVABLE UNQUE SILICONE RING- you can easily remove my silicone ring with your fingers to clean any stains on it.
  • ✔️I AM GREEN- I am Eco-friendly, so help Mother Earth by using me.
  • ✔️I AM THE BEST Borosilicate Microwavable Oven Safe Glass Storage meal prep Containers with Breakfree clips Lid, DISHWASHER SAFE.

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