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We designed this CLASSIC 500 ml shaker for easily and effectively mixing your protein powder, pre workout or BCAAs


easy transport

Easy Transport

With a carrying handle for easy transport. Hold it with a single finger or hook it to your bag.

ease of use

Ease Of Use

The design of the grate makes mixing protein powders easy.

easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Its round base and removable grate make it easy to clean.

easy opening / closing

Easy Opening / Closing

Cap with a reassuring double ‘click’ on closing and zero leakage guarantee.



Compatible with our stackers, storage compartments from March 2023.

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Cap with a double “click” on closing for zero leakage! Our cap has a deliberate torque setting with an audible double “click” to secure the closure. Make sure you press the cap firmly the first few times you use it until you hear that double ‘click’. As the shaker was designed to last, the cap will gradually become less rigid. Once it’s properly closed, no need to worry about popping it into your gym bag!
Choice of material Our 300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml bases, as well as our storage compartment bases, are made of Ecozen material. This innovative formula without bisphenol A offers transparency similar to glass and high resistance to impact. Lastly, the material provides good thermal and chemical resistance which means it can be repeatedly washed in the dishwasher at up to 65°C.
Design story A shaker is a must-have in any fitness, weight training or cross training enthusiast’s sports bag. That’s why our design team spent over 2 years designing our range of shakers: – comprehensive and adapted to your sport (300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml) – won’t get lost – easy to clean – easy to use thanks to its visible measurements – also practical for travel thanks to its carrying handle, carry it with a single finger or hook it to your sports bag
Compatibility of stackers (storage compartments) We offer a full range of stackers or storage compartments* for transporting your supplements, powders, capsules and dried fruit, that can be screwed under your shaker in no time. Available in 3 sizes: – large compartment (+/-50 g) to carry your powders or dried fruit – tablet compartment (+/-30 g) to carry your capsules (removable divider) – funnel compartment (+/-30 g) to easily pour your powders, even into a bottle * sold separately
Usage Tips Rinse/wash 3 times before first use. We advise putting the liquid in your shaker first, then the protein powder. Then screw on the cover and turn the cap until you hear the “click” that guarantees closing. We advise washing your shaker immediately after use. To extend the lifetime of your shaker, wash and rinse all pieces separately after each use.You can put the shaker in the dishwasher at a maximum temperature of 65° C
Complies with standards Our range of shakers complies with current European regulations
Restrictions Our range of shakers is not designed for: – microwave use – storage in the freezer – use with hot or carbonated liquids – use with alcoholic drinks
Dimensions and weight of the 500ml shaker Height: 18.6 cm Max diameter: 9.6 cm empty weight: 178 g
Warranty 2
Country of origin Poland


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