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With its dual closure system, this weight training, weight lifting and cross training belt can be tightened or loosened with just a single movement.



Reinforced seams. 2-YEAR WARRANTY

muscle support

Muscle Support

Effective support of the core muscles. Maximise your core work

easy opening / closing

Easy Opening / Closing

With an exclusive fastening system for maximum effectiveness.

Quantity 1 U
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL, 3XS/2XS
Weight Training belt description Nylon weight training belt dimensions: – All together: 210 mm x 125 mm – Back: 74 mm x 125 mm Size equivalence: – XS-S: 68 to 77 cm – M-L: 78 to 87 cm – XL-XXL: 88 to 104 cm Slightly tapered weight training belt (more narrow at the front)
Why use a weight training belt? This weight training belt offers extra support and helps increase abdominal pressure when lifting heavy weights (more than 80% of your one rep max). This pressure provides protection by keeping your spine straight. It keeps your abdominal and back muscles engaged throughout the exercise, making it less likely that you’ll hurt your back (a common workout injury).
Which exercises can you do with this belt? Unlike leather, this weight training belt can help you do dynamic movements, especially during cross training workouts when you need to do a certain number of reps or sets. You can do dynamic movements like: – squats: front squat, overhead squat… – deadlift: classic and sumo – rows – overhead press – clean and jerks – snatch
How to put on a weight training belt Putting on the weight training belt: – strap it on above your hips, tightening it moderately with the first rip-tab – tighten it more with the second rip-tab. Experts looking for even more support can suck in their stomach a bit while strapping it on for a tighter fit. This will increase your abdominal pressure. If you have trouble breathing deeply, that means the belt is too tight. Loosen it a bit if this happens.
An exclusive fastening system Remember to loosen the belt after each set and avoid wearing it all the time as this could increase your blood pressure. However, you can easily loosen it and let it hang around your waist during breaks. It’s soft to keep you comfortable while breathing deeply.
Have everything you need to train? Enjoy a better grip on the deadlift bar by pairing our weight training belt with hand straps (ref. 8642608). You can even wear knee sleeves (ref. 8548500) to keep your joints warm, reducing your risk of injury.
Did you know? Why choose a weight training belt with a tapered cut? What is a tapered cut? That means it is wider at the back than it is at the abdomen. It gives your torso greater freedom of movement and stays out of the way while doing upper body movements in your workouts.
Warranty 2
Country of origin India


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